AlienFi Speculated to Take Market by Storm in 2023: Get Ready!


  • AlienFi DEX combines many games and NFTs into one platform, allowing users to stake, trade, and farm tokens on Arbitrum.
  • Users can earn more $ALIEN tokens by staking existing tokens in staking pools.
  • AlienFi provides a user-friendly environment for effortless and convenient staking experience with complete control over assets.

Introducing AlienFi DEX

AlienFi DEX is an integration of many games and NFTs into a single place, providing a seamless user experience that goes beyond what other platforms offer. Users are able to stake their tokens on Arbitrum while playing various on-chain games, engaging in new launches and getting the most out of their tokens without having to move funds between platforms or switch frequently.

Stake Tokens for Rewards

Users can increase the amount of money they get from their $ALIEN tokens by staking them in pools. In these pools, users have the freedom to decide how they want to manage their revenue stream because they are allowed to stake and unstake their tokens at no cost using smart contracts. These contracts ensure that rewards are distributed safely, transparently and equitably.

Complete Control Over Assets

When it comes to managing your assets, you have total control over them as you can choose whether you want to stake or unstake your tokens anytime from the flexible staking pools or lock your assets in time lock staking pools for a specific period of time. Both options are available from the flexible staking pools.

Benefits of AlienFi Pools

The customizable feature offered by AlienFi enables users to earn rewards by staking their $ALIEN coins in different pools which present a combination of risk and potential payout depending on each user’s preferences since there are no lockup periods involved.