CryptoGPT: Uncover The AI-Powered Data Revolution

• CryptoGPT is a blockchain technology designed to bring about a trillion-dollar data and artificial intelligence revolution.
• Fake giveaways have been associated with the ‚CryptoGPT‘ hashtag on Twitter, as well as numerous accounts with identical appearances.
• A pump and dump scheme is being used to scam people, where developers of this scheme employ deceptive statements and hype to induce investors.

What is CryptoGPT

CryptoGPT is a blockchain technology designed to usher in a trillion-dollar data and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. This idea is unique as it combines AI and blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that handles data as an asset class. CryptoGPT has gained a lot of attention recently due to its unique features, such as the AI-to-Earn feature which has become popular over the past few months. It’s the main way the company will supply users for its app-developing clients.

Fake Giveaways

„CryptoGPT,“ a prominent hashtag on Twitter, is related to the artificial intelligence cryptocurrency token. Alongside it, numerous Twitter accounts with strikingly identical appearances have also appeared; some of them are promoting probably fraudulent giveaways. With an aim of capturing attention in the market, „Download CryptoGPT“ was trending, with 6,185 tweets associated with it, and GPT-4, an unreleased neural network created by OpenAI was also trending with 4,683 tweets. The term “CryptoGPT” is also used by dozens of other Twitter accounts claiming that this alleged startup enables users to leverage blockchain and AI for monetizing their data.

Pump & Dump Scheme

The pump and dump scheme is employed for this purpose by people trying to make money dishonestly from this project’s success. The developers of such schemes usually orchestrate campaigns of deceptive statements and hype in order to induce investors into buying tokens from them; they then liquidate their stake secretly when prices rise. Blockchain analytics company PeckShield issued a warning earlier this year about dozens of suspected „pump and dump“ coins that claimed connections with CryptoGPT but are actually unrelated projects or scams altogether.

Connections To ChatGPT AI Chatbot

It doesn’t appear like there are any direct connections between CryptoGpt project and ChatGpt AI chatbot which has taken internet by storm recently despite being mentioned together frequently on social media platforms such as twitter .

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion ,the new crypto currency project ‘Crypto Gpt’ seems very promising but one should always remain vigilant against various schemes run by scammers who try capitalize on genuine projects success .